Pay employee taxes and file all required payroll tax forms (Free Direct Deposits for up to 20 employees).


Monthly Accounting: prepare monthly profit & loss, balance sheet, and provide user friendly reports to help owners manage the business.  

Sales Tax: Evaluate if sales tax should be collected and develop a process to track.


Not only prepare the year-end tax returns. We meet at least twice a year and provide feedback about proper salary, tax withholding, and budgeting for taxes, so no surprises at tax time.


Compare business operations to similar businesses nationwide and in Massachusetts. Our report is easy to understand and includes great ideas to better manage the busi- ness. Connect businesses with local banks for credit lines and business loans.

There Are Many Challenges Unique To The C-Store & Auto Serice Industry.

At Simon Accounting & Tax, we work with several businesses in the Pet Industry.  Through the years we've gained extensive experience working with owners to understand their challenges, and streamline their payroll, accounting, and tax filing procedures, to save them money, and help grow their businesses.