If you are considering buying or opening a medical practice, or working to improve the profitability of an existing medical practice, we have the experience to assure you achieve your goals.

Simon Accounting & Tax knows the dental industry first hand.  Simon's wife purchased her dental practice 7 years ago, and SA&T has been instrumental in her success.  Patients' records were converted from ledger cards to Dentimax, then to Patterson Eagle Soft.  Dental offices need to establish budgets, and implement proper controls and procedures to ensure owners are maximizing their returns on their education and tireless work ethic.  Without proper planning and advice, SA&T sees many new dentist overspending on equipment, employees, and other overhead expenses. At the end of the day, they have less money to grow their practices and provide for their families.  Simon is the Chair of the MASS Society of CPAs for Dentist & Physicians, and serves on other Health Care Committees.

Call us today to help you with the following services specially designed with the medical practice in mind:

1) Dental office purchase evaluation
2) Purchase price negotiations
3) Bank loans applications and financing assistance
4) Quarterly or Yearly Budgets and cash flow analysis
5) Monthly, quarterly or yearly accounting and bookkeeping
6) Payroll services



Pay employee taxes and file all required payroll tax forms (Free Direct Deposits for up to 20 employees).


Monthly Accounting: prepare monthly profit & loss, balance sheet, and provide user friendly reports to help owners manage the business.  

Sales Tax: Evaluate if sales tax should be collected and develop a process to track.


Not only prepare the year-end tax returns. We meet at least twice a year and provide feedback about proper salary, tax withholding, and budgeting for taxes, so no surprises at tax time.


Compare business operations to similar businesses nationwide and in Massachusetts. Our report is easy to understand and includes great ideas to better manage the business. Connect businesses with local banks for credit lines and business loans.